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The church is situated at the junction of Hengate and North Bar Within and is one of the two churches you will see as you traverse the Westwood when travelling from York as did the pilgrims in days of yore.

The building of St Mary’s began in 1120 and has been added to and beautified throughout the millennia since. It suffered a collapse of the tower in 1520 but the townsfolk rebuilt it by 1524 and it has been in its present state since then. Much restoration work was carried out during the Victorian era, but enhanced its beauty rather than causing it to be altered in many ways as happened with many ancient buildings in that time. Pugin was responsible for much of the last restoration as was Gilbert-Scott after Pugin died.

We have family services, both in the church and in the Parish Hall, a lively and vital part of our community as are the Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade who worship regularly in the church and help to raise funds for the church on open days. They are an invaluable link to the youth of the town which is where the future of St Mary’s lies. Part of our team hold regular bible classes with the Brigade. We also have St Mary’s School which is a Church School very important in our community, they hold their services in St Mary’s at beginning, end and at various other parts of the terms, our team regularly visit the school and hold services in the school which the children enjoy as part of their Christian education. Various parts of the services are explained to them and the very enthusiastic staff join with the children in enjoying their commitment to educating the children and enhancing their worship. Also check out the Woodbridge Town Pastors’ website to learn more about our worship service.

A choral tradition is continued at our services thanks to our excellent choir of children, women and men under the direction of Alan Binnington and Berry Lewis who guide us through choral works great and small. See our service sheets for what is happening, when! Our choral tradition goes back many many years and has enhanced worship in St Mary’s and enabled us to visit less fortunate Parishes to assist them with their worship.

Back to the mundane, you will be able to arrange visits to St Mary’s in Beverley at any time there isn’t a service going on, we will assist you in any way we can and only ask for a donation to suit your budget. Telephone numbers and e mail addresses are available throughout this site.